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The Yeescope®  is available in 2 sizes:
Mac 3 and Mac 4.
Individually and in
Yeescope®  Intubation Kits

Yeescope®  Mac 3

Yeescope®  Mac 4

Relative product advantages of the Yeescope®


A single patient use one-piece laryngoscope incorporating handle and blade.
  • The potential for cross infection by attaching clean blades to contaminated handles is eliminated.
  • The risks of laryngoscope malfunction due to brand and system incompatibility, and poor coupling between handle and blade are removed.

Mandatory repeated high temperature sterilisation processes on reusable laryngoscopes have led to reduced reliability and early failure of the illumination system.
  • Each new device will have a bright new reliable light to display the larynx to facilitate accurate placement of the endotracheal tube.

Once the laryngoscope light is switched on by removing the ‘tab’, the light cannot be switched off.
  • This feature reinforces the single-use design to prevent cross infection.

The innovative new handle design is shorter, slimmer, and incorporates a proximal hook.
  • The unique design of the handle improves the ergonomics of the laryngoscopy process. The hook at the end of the handle allows the user to lift the lower jaw with more balance in the load, and minimises the tendency to lever on, and damage the upper front teeth as may occur with the standard laryngoscope.

Moulded out of medical grade ABS plastic.
  • The strong light-weight construction with the shorter handle creates a more delicate and less cumbersome instrument which is easy to use on all body shapes, and gentler on dental structures.

By changing to a totally disposable system, cost savings will be achieved by reduced inventory costs of multiple handles and blades, and bulbs and light guides.
  • Replacement, maintenance and resterilisation costs will be eliminated.
  • The unsavoury use of contaminated laryngoscopes will be avoided, and the laryngoscope will be eliminated as a vector for cross infection – a potential cost saving that is immeasurable.

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