Airway Resuscitation Kit

  • Kevin Yee
  • March 30, 2015


  • A wide range of devices
  • Lightweight satchel
  • Security for the Clinician

In an emergency situation, the portable Airway Resuscitation Kit is indispensable. It is a great reassurance for Doctors to have a complete kit with a variety of devices on hand, when patients require ventilation/respiratory support in a crisis.

The kit is ready for use in operating rooms, or wherever procedures are performed, and can be of real assistance in hospital wards.

Outside the hospital area, the lightweight kit is perfect for shopping centres, railway stations, airlines, ships, clubs and other public places.ARK


  •             Yeescopes Mac3 & Mac4
  •             Endotracheal tubes
  •             Intubating stylet
  •             Laryngeal mask airways
  •             Cuff syringe
  •             Oropharyngeal airways
  •             Resuscitator bag
  •             Face masks
  •             Scalpel handle and blade
  •             Water soluble lubricant
  •             Disposable gloves
  •             Adhesive tape
  •             Linen tie

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