The Yeescope® is a single use one-piece laryngoscope for use in anaesthesia and resuscitation. It is available in Macintosh size 3 and size 4.


Brilliant reliable LED illumination;

Totally clean and new to prevent cross infection; and

Innovative ergonomic design to facilitate laryngoscopy and minimise the risk of dental trauma.

26463-MAC4 v3 Light

The Yeescope is used in Hospital Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, and Emergency Departments and deployed in ward resuscitation trolleys/crash carts. It is particularly suitable for use outside of hospitals in the Military environment, Paramedic Ambulance/Retrieval Services as well as private medical suites and doctors’ bags, commercial transports and veterinary surgeries.

Product advantages:

  • A single patient use one-piece laryngoscope incorporating handle and blade.
  • Each new device will have a bright new reliable LED light to display the larynx for accurate placement of the endotracheal tube. A simple on/off light switch is used to control the light.
  • The innovative design of the handle improves the ergonomics of the laryngoscopy process. The hook at the end of the handle allows the user to lift the lower jaw with more balance in the load, and minimises the tendency to lever on, and damage the upper front teeth as may occur with the standard laryngoscope.
  • The strong lightweight construction with the shorter handle creates a more delicate device which is easy to use on all body shapes, yet gentle on dental structures.
  • By changing to a totally disposable system, cost savings will be achieved by reduced inventory costs of multiple handles and blades, and bulbs and light guides.


Features  Benefits
 Single patient use  No cross infection
 One piece device  No compatibility or connection issues
 Brilliant LED  Bright, cool light
 New batteries  Powerful illumination for each patient
 Innovative design  A better way to do laryngoscopy
Safer for denition
 Available in Mac3 and Mac4

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